Budget Offset Smokers

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Smokerst is an online retailer that sells budget offset smokers. They sell different models of smokers, giving customers the ability to pick what they need. The company also makes sure that their products are affordable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money or worrying about your smoker breaking down after a few smokes.

What are Budget Offset Smokers?

Budget Offset Smokers are smokers that use charcoal as the heat source and wood as the smoking material. These smokers allow even cooking by distributing heat from either a firebox or separate burners on the side of the main chamber. The best thing about these types of smokers is that they can be used to smoke anything, whether you want to cook meat, fish, or vegetables.

What are the most common types of offsets?

Offset smokers come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do some research before you decide on which smoker is right for you. A popular variation of offset smokers are cabinet smokers because they look like large cabinets with glass windows . These smokers allow you to view your food as it cooks and they typically have more cooking space than other types of offsets. The most common cabinet offset smoker has two doors, one for adding wood chips or other smoking materials and the other door is used to add food.

Another type of offset smoker can be made from a barrel and is usually referred to as a Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS). To make an UDS , you need to remove the top of a barrel, cut off one end of the barrel, stand it on the other end, and put some legs on it. This simple design allows heat to rise up into the offset which is perfect for cooking meats that require long smoking times.

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UDS smokers are easy to make yourself, but there are also many commercial suppliers that offer plans and materials so you can easily build your own UDS smoker. If you want a large capacity or custom built UDS smoker, it’s best to check with a commercial supplier as building your own may be cost prohibitive and time consuming.

How do they work?

UDS smokers work best with a charcoal base and wood chunks or chips for smoking foods. Lump charcoal is popular as it is relatively clean-burning compared to briquettes, but any natural hardwood lump coal will do. The UDS smoker cooks meat by surrounding the food with heat and smoke that rises up into the offset chamber . This indirect grilling method is similar to the cooking methods used for water smokers.

To create heat and smoke , each UDS smoker will have a charcoal grate and a bottom drip pan . The firebox will hold the charcoal and wood chunks and its bottom is where the heat and smoke rise up into the offset chamber.


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